Answer to anti-spambot question?

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Answer to anti-spambot question?

Post by kadeton »

Hi, I have a friend who is trying to register an account, but is stuck on the "Home of the wood elves is called:" question. He's tried various versions of "Athel Loren" with no success. My account is so old that I have no idea what the answer is supposed to be (or even if it was asked at the time). Can you let me know what the answer is supposed to be?
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Re: Answer to anti-spambot question?

Post by Beithir Seun »

Hi kadeton,

I've had a look at the anti-spambot question, and it looks like it had not been set up to accept the correct answer! Apologies to your friend for that, but it should now be possible to answer the question correctly and register an account.

If there are any more problems, drop me a PM and I'll do my best to help.
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