Scratch building treeman

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Scratch building treeman

Postby Totte » 26 Aug 2007, 21:07

I started working a bit on the roots is it to much to little? Well please come with advice on how to improve it still WIP if you was wondering^^

Did not have the time to fix the images right now will do so some other day ... G_0956.jpg ... G_0955.jpg ... G_0958.jpg ... G_0959.jpg
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Re: Scratch building treeman

Postby Ryikko » 27 Aug 2007, 17:47

personally, i think it's not dynamic enough....but if you like it then great!

i think it could use more roots, and i assume you're going to cover the part above the roots (it looks unsculpted)

good luck and update with more pics soon!

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