Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

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Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

Postby Aeirling » 27 Feb 2011, 20:24

So i have a wood elf battalion, plus some assorted other models, and since i'm getting back into warhammer 40k i decided to start up fantasy as well.

The thing is, i want to wok with as little metal as possible. Playing eldar gave me more than my fair share of metal models. I hate working with metal. i hate assembling it, converting it, and i really hate painting it. i want as little metal as possible.

So that leaves me with converting. I'm pretty sure i can make a treeman out of the LOTR plastic ent (Although i'd definitely pick a different head, as the ent head is terribly ugly). I'm pretty sure i can make waywatchers out of glade guard. However, I have little to no idea how to make Wild Riders or Tree kin.

Any advice/example pics would be helpful, Thanks!
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Re: Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

Postby Gildesh » 27 Feb 2011, 21:12

there is a great thread on alternate treekin in the medow of arts with some scratch built from dryad bits by unicorn i think also if you check baarda's posts in the medow you will find his wolf riding wild riders that you could make. his used the metal wild riders on top of the plastic wolves but you could easily use glade rider bodies with some fur cloaks. hope this helps
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Re: Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

Postby Blackcat » 28 Feb 2011, 07:12

waywatchers can be easily converted from glade guard
Great ealges can be made from plastic toy eagles on a base.
Dryads can be bulked up to be made into treekin or you could use plastic trees to do the same job.
Wild riders can be made from glade riders. Just add some foliage to them and paint them uniquely.
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Re: Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

Postby Baardah » 28 Feb 2011, 08:21

All Plastic army is fullt possible.

From gg you can make waywatchers, wardancers, eternal guard.
GR can be easily converted to WR, but try to find some lionpelts from the lionchariot kit. You can even have the riders mounted on the lions( I had this in mind before I settled on wolves)
Smack some wings from the brettonnia Pegasus kit on them and your warhawks can ride pegasi. For great eagles cut the rider of the new high elf griffon and use the griffon fir eagles. Works well IMO

Treekin and treemen can be made from the plastic citadel forest kit.
I made my treekin from elven steeds and dryads. Follow the link in my signature for pics of my models

My summer night wood elves
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Re: Ideas on all plastic wood elf army?

Postby Frimbleglim » 01 Mar 2011, 12:47

I am basicaly doing this myself. See my photo-bucket album. ... nversions/

I posted it here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19927 , specificaly to help people who wanted to make an army using all plastic parts.

Hope this helps,


PS. This does not cover all the troop types but it pretty much covers all those that are useful under the current rules. The exception is treekin. See unicorn's treekin models for this. I will be making some out of wire and dryad parts in time and will add these to the photo-bucket album.
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