An interesting thing...

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An interesting thing...

Postby GuvnorJager » 13 Oct 2005, 04:03

Okay, for three years I played Dark Age of Camelot, a mmorpg made by MYTHIC entertainment.

MYTHIC happens to be the company that will be making warhammer online.

I really don't trust them to do a good job of it... but hey, it's warhammer... I'll play...

But anyways... I stopped playing DAoC a year ago, my class (Thane, a warrior-mage of Thor) was really gimpy and had an especially boring epic armor. So recently I heard mythic gave the class newer and more exciting epic armor graphic... so today I asked my friend to get me a screenshot of the new armor... when I saw it I nearly spit up my drink...


because the new armor graphic looked like something right out of the Horus Heresy from 40k...

let me show you... ... hot024.jpg

and for comparison ... legion.jpg ... fhorus.jpg

most peculiar, eh?
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Postby Soteks Prophet » 13 Oct 2005, 19:45

Copyright infringement anyone ?? ?

Yeah its similar but not close eneough...
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Postby Johannes| » 13 Oct 2005, 20:57


Well, I don't think there is a link actually..

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