Treachery Aforth (WFB RPG) *ROLL CALL!*

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Re: Treachery Aforth (WFB RPG) *ROLL CALL!*

Postby Billthesurly » 06 Oct 2015, 02:47

Normally this would be an egregious act of threadomancy that would not be allowed to stand. However, things being what they are and because the site is SO BUSY right now I think I'll just let this one slide. (and just about anything else anybody wants to post about good ole times)
I hope the people you are trying to reach are still out there. Pretty sure Beithir Seun is still plugged in.
Bonne Chance.
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Re: Treachery Aforth (WFB RPG) *ROLL CALL!*

Postby Beithir Seun » 06 Oct 2015, 23:17

Still plugged in Bill, and good to hear from you Al. It's certainly been a while since this thing ran. Brings back some memories!
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