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Postby Johannes| » 01 Sep 2005, 21:08

Hi all. In this thread I'll (try to) clear up things about this site.

First, there are 2 skins. When you are unregistered or not logged in, you see the default skin. If you are registered, you can switch between the default skin and the special TWS skin. Even if you appear to like the default one better, I'd advise you to try the other one once, cuz if you don't try, you never know, and you might've liked the other one more.

Secondly, the chat. Nagathi wrote a nice article about how to use IRC, but another way of chatting over the asur/asrai IRC channel is to click the button in the portal saying "IRC chat". It'll redirect you to a java applet within our site which works as a chatbox.

How to view this site. Both I and Nagathi are using Mozilla Firefox, so we optimized and tested this site in firefox. For max. fun being here, I'd recommend you to get firefox (see link below). Differences are for example the grey boxes around the forum icons, who are transparant in firefox.


If you have any questions, comments suggestions or problems, PM me or Nagathi, and we'll try to help you, and (possibly) extend this article.


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