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Postby Naggie » 21 May 2007, 14:37

The phpBB Group wrote:Hello,

We are very pleased to announce the availability of the phpBB3 RC1
package. This is the first release candidate which is meant to become
the Gold release if no more bugs or problems arise. Of course there
may be more than one release candidate.

With this release we will give full support, allow uploading language
packs as well as modifications and styles. Please note that during the
first few weeks support questions may not be answered as fast as with
the 2.0.x line. We also only give support to those having a clean RC1
installation, previous conversions or updates *will not be supported*.
We encourage only those running the release candidate wanting to test
out the new version, it is still recommended to wait for the full
release; after all this is a release *candidate*.

To re-iterate the support guidelines, we won't support the following
installation types:

- Updates from phpBB3 Beta versions to phpBB3 RC1 and higher

- Conversions from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 Beta versions

- phpBB3 Beta installations

We give support for the following installation types:

- Updates from phpBB3 RC1 to any higher version (not relevant at the

- Conversions from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1 and higher

- New installations of phpBB3 RC1 and higher

For all those not needing support and want to take the risks... the
database update file is present, though we were not able to provide a
full update path due to the style and database changes. If you are
running on mysql 4.0.3 or less you should completely re-install,
because the complete schema changed for these versions.

A short explanation of how to do a conversion is included within the
provided INSTALL.html file, please be sure to read it.

Conversions from 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1 may be problematic, depending on
your setup and the amount of MODs you installed. If you want to be on
the safe side we suggest still waiting for later releases before you
fully convert your 2.0.x installation.

It contains a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, but in short speak; phpBB 3 is now soon ready, and will test it out further. Prepare for a major rework of in the near future.

~ Nag
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Postby Johannes| » 21 May 2007, 14:47

I hadn't seen this yet, but this is the release I've been waiting.

I would hereby like to announce that I will start migration to phpBB3 ASAP, and definitely before Saturday 26/5/07

Please stay tuned for further announcements. We will make sure to inform you :)

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Postby Schmeag » 21 May 2007, 15:01

Looking forward to it. :nod: Hopefully it goes smoothly, what with all the goings on here.
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Postby Ramesesis » 21 May 2007, 15:51

Shall we dance the merry dance? Well, lets do it!
Bring the asrais into the future! :wasted:
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Postby Glade_dalvich » 21 May 2007, 16:50

Excellent. I'll have to pass that on to a mate of mine who codes in php. he shall be most pleased.
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Re: Upgrades

Postby Inreoh » 22 May 2007, 23:06

looks great so far Nag, keep up the good work! Get back to your classes you lazy bum
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Re: Upgrades

Postby Amarel » 23 May 2007, 09:43

Can I be a dissenting voice that doesn't like the new look (sorry). It's slow-loading and too bright and awkward looking. And I no longer seem to have a "view posts since last visit" option :(.

Apologies for being a miserable sod ;).

edit - Oh and "quote" is spelt incorrectly on the 'quote button'
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Re: Upgrades

Postby Johannes| » 23 May 2007, 10:17

This discussion should be continued Here

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