Veils of War

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Veils of War

Postby Naggie » 18 Mar 2007, 16:58

Criti wrote:
In the wild lands known as the Border Princes, there is a terrible secret; an ancient city lies hidden within shrouds of magical mists and shadows. This city is Tor Eranon, a legacy of the ancient Empire of Elves in the Old World, and it poses a terrible threat. The city lies over a powerful ring of magical waystones that hold in check a whirling vortex of Chaos magical energies. For millennia it has been this way, the secret of the Veiled City defended by a guard of High Elven warriors. Even their kinsmen on Ulthuan are barely aware of this sacred mission, knowledge of the existence of the city known only by a very few advisors to the Phoenix King, who are sworn to silence.

But calamity has struck the region! A great earthquake has rocked the Border Princes and ripped the magical veil away from Tor Eranon. Suddenly the powers of the Vortex are laid bare for wizards all over the Old World to sense. Even worse, events have conspired to coincide this eruption with an imminent invasion of the Empire by heinous hordes of evil creatures...

As armies from the various nations make their way to the ash-strewn lands, more and more realise the final outcome of the coming conflict is going to centre around who can wrest control of the Veiled City and the powers hidden within. Will you be the one to conqueor Tor Eranon?

The fate of the world lies in your hands in the Veils of War campaign!

Check the story so far at the VOW campaign website!

Current status: Registration is now open!

To register, just sign up an account at the Warhammer Realm, and please carefully read the instructions on the rules of engagement page.

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Postby Schmeag » 19 Mar 2007, 08:46

I believe a playable a Warhammer tabletop army and an opponent is required.
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