Council of Elders is Growing

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Council of Elders is Growing

Postby Naggie » 19 Jun 2015, 02:12

Greetings, my dear fellows!

It is with great joy I write to you this morning. For recently, the Council of Elders has grown. To help with the day-to-day business on the site, we welcome three new recruits to our gang.

First off is Billthesurly who has shown great valour in his activity on the site for some time now. I raise a hearty salute to Billy.
Secondly, we got a reinstated moderator; Hyarion. Hy has been a good friend of mine for many years, and he has decided to come back to the hobby and gladly accepted to help us keep the community in check.
And last, but certainly not least, we welcome back another friend of mine; Ramesesis. Rammie and I go way back (like 2005 or somesuch) and I know I can trust him with the welfare of this site. He'll keep his old gnarled fist raised against all those bots as they try to enter our forest.

A big welcome to the Council of Elders to the three of you!

~ Naggie
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Re: Council of Elders is Growing

Postby frogboy » 26 Jun 2015, 12:52

HUZZAH! :D :thumbsup:

Hope the forum has been treating you all well, if not just ban them lol :lol:
Its been too long since we burned a heretic, witch hunt anyone !??

sentinalofthewoods wrote:yes, unicorn riders that shoot rainbows..hell yeah
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