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Forum Rules & Guidelines (April 5th 2013)

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The Forum Rules & Guidelines

LAST UPDATED: April 5th, 2013

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Any member who does not follow these rules will be issued with a warning. If that member continues not to follow our rules, it will lead to their account being banned. Moderators (Council of Elders) and administrators reserve the rights to extend and update these rules as they see best in the interest of and its community.


    The Six Ways of Asrai

The Way of Words
Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages.
Spamming will NOT be tolerated. Do not spam to raise your own post count. You will first be PMed, then warned, and if you continue to spam away, you will be banned from Posts which have no contributing value to the topic at hand are classed as spam. One word or one-line posts like "Yup" or "Yeah I agree." etc. are good examples of this. If you have nothing good to add to a topic, then don't post on it. User ranks was originally removed to eliminate one of the goals for spammers. But the ranks have been reinstated due to good conduct by our members. Don't make the Administrators revoke that right. If you see posts that are spam, hit the Report button of the post in question and tell the moderators about it.

Also, the use of leet (1337) speak, web speak, or text talk are frowned upon. The staff cannot ban it, but we can and we do encourage proper use of typing and spelling. Posts that includes a lot of the above types of speak will be moderated to a more sensible content without prior warning. If the same user repeats his/her way of posting, a private message will soon arrive in his or her inbox asking said member to work on his typing.

The issue of threadnomancy, where a thread that has been quiet for a longer period of time gets replied to and thus gets bumped up to the top again, is often frowned upon by different sites. Here on, it is perfectly allowed as long as the new post contains something of value that contributes to the discussion or sparks more ideas, opinions or thoughts on the subject. It is not allowed to revive old threads with a spam post, but a member who does a search and finds a relatively old thread and wants to add a question or comments is perfectly allowed to. If you feel uncertain what could be classified as spam, netspeak/leet speak/text talk, or if a post is threadnomancy or not; ask an Elder of the Council (moderator) before posting. It is better to have asked and got it turned down than to post it and get an official warning for it.

The Way of Paths
Please post the right topics in the right forums, i.e. painting posts go in the Meadow of Arts Forum. Got an army list? Post it in the Call of the Hunt forum, and so on. Moderators will move topics to their right forum, but extreme carelessness from a member will result in a harsh comment. Posting an Off Topic thread in the Questions & Suggestions page is inexcusable. If you see a thread in the wrong forum, report it to one of the moderators by clicking the Report button of the post in question.
If you feel uncertain what should be put where; ask a moderator. They will know.

The Way of Manners is meant to be a friendly and fun site. Therefore, we will not tolerate bullying, making fun of, or being offensive towards other members of the community. Please also try to watch your language. Try to keep swearing to a minimum as this is a community that consists of players of different ages. Moderators have the right to edit posts to reduce or completely delete any offensive material. If you see posts that are bullying, or personally negative, report it to one of the Council of Elders through the report button of each post.
If you feel uncertain what could be classified as bad behaviour; ask a moderator before posting. It is better to have asked and got enlightened than to have a flame war started because of you.

The Way of Respect
It's okay to debate, and it's okay to have a different view, and state that view in the public thread. What we mean by this is: Don't ruin the thread with your own personal battle, or start picking on others with different opinions. Stating your views and debating is one thing, but if it's going to turn into spam and turn in a flame war, then please resort to private messages to resolve your issue with the other member. If anyone feels threatened or is experiencing someone picking on him or her, contact a moderator with a link to the thread and the moderator will clear it up.
If you feel uncertain what could be classified as disrespectful behaviour; ask a moderator before posting.

The Way of Rights
Posting material with copyright without permission from the author is prohibited. Posts containing such material will be deleted without prior notice. This especially concerns; asking for/posting/or offering scans of information printed in any Games Workshop publications. This includes White Dwarf, army books, rule books or similar. One time can be forgiven, twice is a lot harder to oversee.
If you are uncertain if a certain something is copyrighted or not, ask a moderator before posting.

The Way of Advertisements
While discussion is allowed, there is to be no advertising in any way of products or services that are not warhammer-related, in either posts, usernames, or signatures. Warhammer-related advertisement is only allowed if the product is non-commercial. Some exceptions to this may occur, but are always preceded by a decision among the Council of Elders,
If you are uncertain if your advertisement is allowed or not, contact an administrator before posting. The Council of Elders reserves the right to decide what constitutes as advertisement and what constitutes as discussion.


    The Ranks
The ranks has been reinstated to You can read about it in this thread. Nowadays, custom ranks (the little green text snippet underneath the avatar) will be rewarded to people who has done something good for the site, or won a competition held by the site, or something similar. All others have a rank image based on the number of posts that member has contributed to the community. If people start posting useless posts in hopes of achieving a higher post count and thus a new rank image, the rank image system will be removed.


    About Images and Avatars

If you choose to have an image in your signature, make sure it is of no greater image size than 450 pixels wide and 125 pixels high. Big images will take forever to load for those with a dial-up connection, and nothing is more annoying than having to wait for such things to load. Images with a moving motif or changing motif are banned completely. If you are unsure how big an image is, link it in a private message and send it to one of the moderators or administrators and they will gladly help you.

Avatars are not provided by If you want an avatar, you can simply upload it onto the site via your profile page. Just browse for it on your machine and put it up on the site. The limits to these images are 125 pixels wide and 125 pixels high, and the file size no larger than 20 kB. If these requirements are not filled, the image will not be uploaded to the site.


This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

Images used in banners are copyright to their respective artists and/or owners.
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Thank You,
The Staff

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