[8th] - High Elves vs Wood Elves

Here is the place for all your reports of battles against those who seek to defile our sacred glades.

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[8th] - High Elves vs Wood Elves

Postby LiveWaaaaagh » 23 May 2017, 03:58

The fleet arrived on the coast, disembarking near the town of Brionne in the southern end of the Bretonnian kingdom. The expeditionary force was led by the Sea Helm and his partner Malaron, a mage trained in the pyromancy. The expedition’s goal was that of research and exploration, and so they marched past the city of Brionne and Quenelles in search of artifacts of magic to study. Their intent was to avoid the forest where their kin dwell at all costs. They had no business with the treefolk.

As they approached the forest, it seemed the trees had a different plan.

Click the link below for the full battle report  of a 1250pt match between High Elves & Wood Elves:

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