2400 ninth age (forest ambush)

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2400 ninth age (forest ambush)

Postby Jossebuschman » 04 Dec 2015, 09:44

I haven't seen many ninth age lists yet, so here is mine.

It's kind of based on what I played in 7th ed and I am very glad that it can work again (I think).

The idea is basically forest ambush. For those who have not read the rules; which units get the forest walker special rules is now determined at the start of the turn. This allows you to set up a charge from within the forest to a target that is not and still benefit from rerolls, extra rank etc.
I must say I am really loving this rule as it stresses the forest ambush style of wood elf play. In a practice game I charged five Bladedancers out of a forest into a unit of executioners and managed to get wildform off. I danced the dance of +1 attack. I now had 16 attacks that hit on 2+, wounded on 2+ with rerolls to wound at S5 ap(1)!!!!
Due to awfull rolling, only(!) ten executioners died. On average you would kill 13! Then he attacked back, but only with 5 attacks plus one for the mage and he hit me on 5's because of my shields and killed 0 bladedancers.

Needless to say I have fallen back in love with this unit, although I have always kept using them anyway :D.

So, without further ado...

Prince, bladedancer kinrdred, general, bladedancer drums, ahw, strength potion, 225
So basically this girl has six ws9 I10 S4 ap(1) attacks with +1 to hit, a one time S6 and combat dances. She also gives her unit swiftstride and will join the big unit of wardancers who now have M6 with swiftstride.

Captain, Wild huntsman, elven horse, light armour, innate defence, shield, helm of the hunt, lance, 138
6 ws7 S6 ap(1) attacks with +1 to hit on the charge! I would call him a combat monster, but that does not do him justice. With a 2+ as pretty hard to kill too an at 138 points a bargain imo.
I'm still not sure if I want the flaming lance or a normal one, they are both ten points so I guess it depends on how often we will see ward saves against flaming being used.

Captain, bsb, lucky shield, elven horse, lance, light armour, innate defence, bow, hail of doom arrow, 164
He joins the glade riders and just goes where he is needed. I thought about giving him Wild huntsmen as well, but really don't want him charging off with his unit at the wrong time.

Enchantress, lore of the wild, treesinging, dispell scroll, 125
Treesinging is back!!

Matriarch, treesinging, aspect of the white birch, 105

So basically, two lvl ones with two spells each. For their own spell they will probably always both take the beast within (wildform). they will spam small spells and move around my cav and healing my dryads at the same time.

9 Dryads, skirmish, champ, 112
10 Dryads, skirmish, champ, 123
10 Glade guard, muso, banner, Icon of prosaic days, 155
+2 to dispell, gives me the max of +4 to dispell.
10 glade guard, muso, 120
5 glade riders, muso, 100

I want to try it without fey arrows before I start using them. Unfortunately in the latest edition you lose ap and volley fire when shooting with fey arrows, so I will see if I can do without them.

9 Bladedancers, full command, shields, banner of speed, 202
As I said the general joins this unit.
5 Bladedancers, champ, shields, 95
5 Wild huntsmen, champ, 160
7 Sentinels, 103
7 sentinels, 103
eagle, 50

8 Pathfinders, 160
8 Pathfinders, 160


So magic light/defensive and a lot of combat units. I want to draw my opponent to my archers, which are inexpensive, and set up ambushes from within the forest. My Sentinels and Pathfinders take out support and then the Sentinels will turn in and shoot from the flanks, while my Pathfinders run around and pick off stragglers (or the other way around depening on the situation). I would really like to add the Acorn of the world tree, but just don't have a character to put it on. Ideally it would go on the bsb, but then he would have to get rid of the hoda and lucky shield, which I really don't want to do.

Some more things I want:
more Wild huntsmen
more Sentinels
more points :P.

Thoughts, comments, questions, rants?
Inappropriate comparisons to fascism?

They are almost all welcome!

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Re: 2400 ninth age (forest ambush)

Postby Jossebuschman » 17 Dec 2015, 14:52

Same basic concept, but updated to the new rules and prepared for the next update.


Prince, Bladedancer, Potion of strength, 200
Chieftain, bsb, Bladedancer, Sacred seeds, 180
Chieftain, Wild hunter, lance, shield, light armour, innate defence, Hail of Doom Arrow, longbow, Helm of the Hunt, horse, mounts proteciotn (5+), 180
Druids, treesinging, dispel scroll, 125
Matriarch, treesinging, toxic spores, 130
Total characters, 815 (200/615)

10 Archers, black arrows, musician, banner, Icon of prosaic days, 155
10 Archers, black arrows, musician, 120
10 Archers, black arrows, musician, 120
9 dryads, skirmish, champion, 121
5 Heath riders, musician, 100
Total core: 616

8 Bladedancers, full command, Wardens standard, 182
5 Bladedancers, champion, 80
Eagle, 50
5 Wild Huntsmen, 150
6 Sentinels, 66
6 Sentinels, 66’
5 Sentinels, 55
Total special: 649

8 Pathfinders, 160
8 Pathfinders, 160
Total rare: 320

Total 2400
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Re: 2400 ninth age (forest ambush)

Postby SmithF » 17 Dec 2015, 16:52

Hey Josse!

I think we played against each other in Brugges (Belgian GT) a couple of years back, a Wood Elf Mirror match! If that's you, looking forward to meeting you again some day (if the Belgian tournament scene ever wakes up from its slumber!)

I like your list, I can see where you're going with the wardancer unit and combination with the sacred seeds. In my opinion: too many avoidance elements, not enough "muscle". It will do well enough against opposition that cannot take the shooting for a couple of rounds, but I fear that a couple of units with good armour and combat potential will be enough to overrun your small combat units.

Example: Treemen, Dragon ogres, Skullcrushers, any other Monstrous Cavalry.

What is your plan for the small sentinel units, apart from being generally annoying to the opponent and chasing chaff?

Let us know how it goes, we are currently in need of in-game feedback!
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Re: 2400 ninth age (forest ambush)

Postby Jossebuschman » 18 Dec 2015, 10:58

I remember that, you had two treemen right? And it was 8th edition with the 6th ed armybook?

I have a few elements that can take out armour:
- Pathfinders/bladedancers, if their toughness is no higher than 3, so basically elven/human knights.
- Bladedancer characters; lots of attacks that hit on 2's on S5 with ap(1) and a one time S7 on the lord.
- Wild hunters, especially the chieftain, coming with 6 S6 ap(1) attacks hitting on 2's.

In my opinion: too many avoidance elements, not enough "muscle"

This is what I am worried about, which is why I have three combat characters.

That said, you are of course right, it might not be enough and especially high toughness will be a problem, but that is kind of what I like about this list, it has a definite weakness and I will need to deal with that somehow.

Sentinels are there for being annoying and redirecting which will help with dealing with multiple units of high armourunits. I love the idea of small mobile units of archers.
I am thinking about giving them poison shots, which would help with dealing with high toughness, but right now 4 points is a bit expensive and I want to try them out without poison.
Also, they can be quite effective warmachine hunters, especially bolt throwers and can deal with chaff, like you say, so that my archers can focus on the bigger threats.

Mainly, I really like this playstyle and love that I can play this way again, which was just not possible in 8th.

I'll be trying it out at a tournament tomorrow.
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