AoS 60 Wound limit

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AoS 60 Wound limit

Postby alexwellace » 15 Nov 2015, 19:57

I am going to give it a go. Despite my initial hatred, after playing a few more AoS games the synergy between themed lists (Grimgor and his Black Orcs, Sylvanaeth and their woods) have encouraged me to have a look at my local GW's AoS campaign. It's starting off at 60 wounds with the following restrictions, 0-2 Monsters, 0-4 Wizards, Only 2 units can be summoned a turn max, cannot summon models that can themselves summon, as many heroes as you want *BUT* it is highly advised to bring at least 2 units of actual troops. I know it's not perfect, but i will give it a go. However, my competitive fires are currently stoked, as my last AoS game my Grimgor Ironjaw Mob vs a competitive player running Nagash, Manfredd and some Varghulfs was actually rather close (Grimgor headbutted Nagash to low wounds, then Wazzag turned him into a squig!) but still a loss. With this in mind that i may face Nagash again, i want a list that can pose a challange.

Durthu, 12 wounds. Monster - General
Orion, 8 wounds. Hero.
Shadow Dancer, 5 wounds. Wizard.
Branchwraith, 5 wounds. Wizard.
15 Dryads with Nymph, 15 wounds. Troops.
5 Wild Riders with Hunter, Standard and Hornblower, 10 wounds. Special
5 Waywatchers with Sentinel, 5 wounds. Troops.

The idea is kind of an Anti-Meta thing, because i just know a lot of people will show up with some big massive model intending to kick loads of ass. My tactic works around spending the first turn or 2 throwing Wyldwoods down as landmines, but otherwise staying quite still. Then, when the opponent advances, probably hoping to throw off some Arcane Bolts or get his big guy into combat, I surge forward. The Shadow Dancers spell doubles movement and allows fly, so Durthu, Orion and the Wildriders all have a 18'' reliable threat range which can be used to swarm over big badies. Durthu gets a special mention for this tactic, as if he gets in at full wounds within 6'' of a Wyldwood he gets 3+d3 attacks which do 6 wounds a piece everytime. The Dryads form a formidable bulwark when occupying a forest and effected with Mystic Shield, with a 3+ in combat and a 2+ Sv from ranged. Similarly, against opponents that have more range then me, Bridge of Shadows can be cast on the Wildriders or Orion, giving them a 36''/32'' reliable charge range, much higher then most ranged units and this will allow me to missile the most dangerous ranged weapons, allowing the others to advance safer.

For 60 wounds, this seems like quite a nice list, varied and not obviously power-gamey while still being competitive. I wonder how it compares to what they will come up with.
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