New ETC List

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New ETC List

Postby Leminge » 23 Jun 2015, 16:12

Hey Together

I would like to ask, what are you thinking about my ETC list.
I know, it's Kind of a very unusual list. even for me. ;)

+ Lords (570pts) +

Glade Lord (245pts) [(AB) Hail of Doom Arrow, (AB) The Bow of Loren, (BRB) Enchanted Shield, (BRB) Obsidian Lodestone, Hand Weapon]

Spellweaver (325pts) [(AB) Acorns of the Ages, Asrai Longbow, Dark Magic, Level 4]

+ Heroes (430pts) +

Glade Captain (155pts) [(AB) Moonstone of the Hidden Ways, (BRB) Dragonhelm, Battle Standard, Hand Weapon, Shield, Trueflight Arrows]

Naestra and Arahan (275pts) [Gwindalor (Great Eagle)]

+ Core (615pts) +

Eternal Guard (140pts) [Champion, Musician]
····10x Eternal Guard [10x Shields]

Glade Guard (190pts) [Champion, Musician]
····10x Glade Guard [10x Arcane Bodkins]

Glade Guard (190pts) [Champion, Musician]
····10x Glade Guard [10x Arcane Bodkins]

Glade Riders (95pts) [5x Glade Riders]

+ Special (732pts) +

Deepwood Scouts (442pts) [Champion]
····27x Deepwood Scouts [27x Trueflight Arrows]

Sisters of the Thorn (140pts) [Musician, 5x Sisters of the Thorn]

Wild Riders (150pts) [Champion]
····5x Wild Riders [5x Shields]

+ Rare (50pts) +

Great Eagle (50pts) [Great Eagle]

All Chars (exclusive arahan+Neastra) into the deepwood Scouts. (i know they loose theyr scouting ability)
Place The Scouts in the Middle and flank them with the Guards. The Eternal are just blockers (with 3.1ranks)
I think the rest is clear.

Thanks for answers :nod:
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Re: New ETC List

Postby Merlin Elf friend » 23 Jun 2015, 17:40

Leminge, I have two observations, not having played an ETC List:

1. Not sure if an Eternal Guard of only 10 "men" is going to be worthwhile, also I didn't notice any Magic Banners/Pennant's anywhere.

2. How are you going to use the Deep wood Scouts? Pretty sure you can't have that many in one unit, also definitely NOT the best use of them if so; think I would put Hagbane Tips on some of them (not sure if this means a big comp hit though)?
Ok just re-read your post, sorry I don't see the point of a large "scout bunker" with some of the scout rules negated by adding characters. As a character bunker definitely add (magic) Banner and possibly a Musician, not sure about reforms etc., under this set-up. My final thought is maybe a unit of WarHawk Riders to go in tandem with "The Twins".

Otherwise a pretty good list I would say; all the Best with it!
Merlin Elf friend
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Re: New ETC List

Postby Hyarion » 23 Jun 2015, 18:00

I can understand using the scouts as a place to hide characters, but why flank the scouts with Eternal Guard?

I would pump the Eternal Guard to at least 20, take the scouts to a max of 10, and add a unit of Wardancers as a better character bunker (better than scouts at least).
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Re: New ETC List

Postby Boskie43 » 23 Jun 2015, 18:12

Scouts cannot lose their scouting. Unless I've missed an FAQ/change for ETC that I'm not aware of.

It's not an option. Characters would have to start in GG and move into the scouted unit turn one.

7th ed we had the option to deploy as normal. Scouts no longer have an option - nor do ambushers.

8th ed deployment is as follows:

Deploy normal units. (Characters here unless they have the scout rule)

Then you deploy all scouts.

Then you do vanguards.

The "deploy as normal" is not an option to models with scout. Kinda sucks but that's how it works.

Quick edit:
Otherwise the list looks fine and is the best way to use the moonstone. Counting as marching means either scouts or waywatchers make the most use (discounting fast cav) of the ability to hop over and still shoot that turn where as the GG can't. Looks like a fun list.
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Re: New ETC List

Postby Leminge » 23 Jun 2015, 21:55

Thank you alotfor tge fast answers.
I'll think about the pionts, you have given.

To the point with the deployment of the chars... I'll take a look to the book... But otherwise I,ll placethem into the guard (maybe 20) and switch in the first turn.

I'm lookig forward for thenext game.
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Re: New ETC List

Postby thunderbow » 24 Jun 2015, 00:51

Actually, the scoutstar/waystar with the moonstone and acorns is just broken. You jump from forest to forest, release a retarded amount of shots and then disappear again. The last (and only) game that I played with the new armybook was with a similar army, although I used high magic on a weaver in scouts (where counters really, really, did come in handy) and a deathweaver in sisters (I realise that there are some restrictions to death wizard lords for WE, but shadow or even beasts or heavens would work just fine). The only nuisance was that the spellweaver had to make that jump in turn one, but that's not a big deal. My DE opponent got cleared from the table in turn 3, btw.
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Re: New ETC List

Postby Aezeal » 24 Jun 2015, 08:15

Maybe I need to try a waystar once.. I've never been convinced about putting 7.5% of my army (2K we play mostly) in things that can't directly do damage though. Usually we play with 2-3 woods already on the table though so I might skip the acorns and just hope for a wood near our deployment zone and then place the bonus wood in a good position to teleport to once the enemy has moved their troops a bit.
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