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Governor Trojanoak Strikes Back!

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2015, 23:48
by Nicholas Nitro
Won back to back games with my wood elf army playing AoS with the Age of Sigmar Point-Cost Algorithm:

Governor Trojanoak's Diplomatic Entourage
2x 'wander host', 'guardians of deepwood' 1443pts

Governor Trojanoak, Colonel Diaz(gladelord), 2x Spell weavers, 3x Treemen Ancient

2x5 dryads, 4x24 Glade Girls, 2x10 Eternal Guard, 5 Wardancers, 2x5 Glade Riders, 5 Wildwood Rangers


Sky Marshall Steve and the Knightly Host of Bretonniana

Basically one Paladin on a Pegasus, 3 damsels, and 60 something various knights.

This battle was fierce and competitive until turn five, when the Duly Elected Trojanoak's tactics had made the battle's outcome clear. The simple minded Bretonnians have long speculated on the debaucheries of their elven neighbors, and the always stern Paladin Sky Marshall Steve had heard enough. From the saddle of his Pegasus he instructed every fool knight he could muster, this invasion was to put an end to Trojanoak's behavior once and for all.
The first 2 turns consisted of my opponent attempting to position his knights while my treemen attacked them with magic and shooting. The forest killed a few knights with it's scenery rule when he started charging the treemen in turn 3. By the end of turn four only one had gone down to his knights, and the other two teleported to the forest my archers and eternal guard were bunkering in. Turn four is also when Governor Trojanoak had perhaps his most glorious moment yet: after the Vile Sky Marshall had cut down a treeman, Trojanoak shot him out of the sky with the Hail of Doom arrow! I won the roll off for turn five, and the Bretonnians had already taken too much damage to stand a chance. The glade girls were about to unleash a serious volley of Arcane Bodkins, and so the Brets wisely ran away.

Battle Verses Ogres was a 1000 point game.

I brought: Trojanoak, 2x spellweavers, 20 eternal guards, 2x 24 glade girls, 2x5 dryads, 5 wardancers, 5 glade riders, and 3 treemen ancients

He brought 5 different ogre heroes, 6 Mornfang, 12 ironguts, 15 ogres, 16 gnoblar, and 1 giant

This battle was similar to the one with the Brets, only faster and more one sided. I suicide charged with both dryads, and harassed with my treemen. My eternal guard made a long defensive line, my glade girls were behind it. With help from the magic and shooting from the other 2, one of my treemen managed to charge the mornfang and kill them all in close combat by the end of turn 2. Another treeman faced off against the giant and a 'fire bellower' hero at the same time. He eventually killed the giant and teleported away to my main defensive line with only 2 wounds on him. The treeman that fought the mornfang also moved to the defensive line, but he had taken 6 wounds. I did alot of damage at the end of turn 3, he charged into my eternal guard line with his 12 ogres, only killed 4 of them. When we rolled for turn 4 I won, and with both my glade-girls about to use their bodkins he conceded.

:thumbsup: Glory to the Governor! :thumbsup:

Re: Governor Trojanoak Strikes Back!

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2015, 00:15
by Billthesurly
Well 'ere's to you guv'ner Trojan and the Mrs and the kids....

Sounds like a hoot. I'm delving deeply into "9th edition" right now but battle reports like this one make me want to take a reeeeeal close look at AoS again. Actually, I have every intention of getting into AoS at some point I just haven't done it yet.

Ummmm..."Glade Girls"? (The imagination boggles!)

Re: Governor Trojanoak Strikes Back!

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2015, 13:07
by Nicholas Nitro
Behold, the Duly Elected Governor Trojanoak and two units of his infamous Glade-Girls!