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LEAF Tactical Articles

Postby godswearhats » 20 May 2014, 18:27

Here's a list of articles currently in the works:

  • Enchanted Arrows (brechtomme)
  • Sethayla (godswearhats)
  • MSU (brechtomme)
  • Beginner's Guide to Wood Elves (godswearhats)
  • Daemons of Chaos (godswearhats)
  • Starting Wood Elves: From 500pts -> 2500pts (godswearhats)

I've archived all the old tactics articles from The LEAF. At some point today I'll promote the Enchanted Arrows tactica as the first of our new 8th Edition articles. If you want to write an article for the LEAF, here are some ideas:

  • Tactica vs other armies (14 of these to choose from)
  • Per unit tactica (14 of these too!)
  • Army type tactica (e.g. MSU, Fast Cav, Sethayla, etc.)
  • Character builds (e.g. BSB, General, Stag Riders, Eagle Riders, etc.)
  • Magic lores (choosing 'em, combos, per lore tactics)

As you can see, plenty of food for thought!

I'll be rewriting all my existing articles, with the possible exception of the magic lores one - I think it's too big to be a single article now. If you are working on an article and want to make sure no-one else writes the same one (because time is precious folks!) post on this thread and I'll maintain a list.

The top Wood Elf tactica and painting/modelling guides are on The LEAF.
Read this guide if you'd like to contribute.

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