Asrai Post the Great Cull

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Asrai Post the Great Cull

Postby Darkspear » 11 Aug 2019, 16:43

Since the dropping of the glade guard and a number of the heroes, is anyone still playing Age of Sigmar using the Asrai? Or have you decide to just play AoS with another army or play something else that still has wood elves (like WHFB 8th ed)
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Re: Asrai Post the Great Cull

Postby Kakapo42 » 15 Aug 2019, 06:00

I never adopted AoS, so the lack of support there wasn't something that was ever a factor to me.

Instead I play Wood Elves in Warhammer 6th edition, with a little bit of very early 8th (6th/7th edition army books only) on the side, and some early 7th edition once I manage to track down a copy of the core rules.

Recently I've been preoccupied with building up forces for other game systems though, so I've been largely quiet from the Warhammer front. I've dearly missed it though, and have plans to return at some point soon...
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Re: Asrai Post the Great Cull

Postby Ramesesis » 28 Sep 2019, 15:41

I have played a couple of games of Kings of War with the elves, mixing me asrais and asurs. That is it. Everything feels so distant now.
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