Version 1.3 is out!

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Version 1.3 is out!

Postby Calisson » 18 Dec 2016, 06:20

Version 1.3 is out!


Sylvan Elves
If you think Elves are all about balance and harmony, then thank the gods that you did not witness the intense debates raging over how best to help this faction - the Rules Team wanted to focus on identity, but the Balancing Team wanted to perfect internal balance. In the end, the only unanimous decision was to give Unseen Arrows a boost to 40%, but with Briar Maidens counting towards it. The BSB is getting cheaper, additional Sentinels, and min. sized units of blade dancers (although they have been moved to Fleet of Foot). Pathfinders and Sentinels were deemed too dangerous combined, so they will share a max.3 units limit. Thicket Beasts can now be scoring, but with some limits to prevent large blocks auto-claiming objectives. The last minute buffs to Forest Rangers, Kestral Knights, and Sentinels should take some of the sting off - and Entwined Roots will be getting a price decrease since they replace Scoring. A very tangled knot to balance indeed.

Oaken Crown, price for BSB reduced by -50 pts
Tree Father Ancient, options, clarification
Forest prince, +1 bs and +1 I
Big character mounts counts towards character category
character category, 40%
Unseen arrow, max 40%
Pathfinders and sentinels, max 3 units in total
Briar Maiden also count towards unseen arrows
Blade dancers moved to fleet of foot, starting size decreased by -2, starting cost per model increased by +7 pts, price for additional models decreased by -2
Thicket beasts: Scoring. Decreased max size by 4, price for starting unit increased, price for additional models decreased (+20 pts for the starting unit/-15 ppm)
Entwined roots, unit loses scoring, price decrease by -5 ppm
Pathfinder kindred, counts towards unseen arrows and price decrease (-15 ppm)
Shapeshifter kindred. +1 ward save (to max 4+) instead of 5++, and price increase (+20 ppm)
Sentinels, price decrease for additional models (-2 ppm).
Forest Rangers, price decrease (-30 pts for the base unit / -1 pt for additional models)
Kestrel Knights, price decrease (-5 pts for the base unit / -10 pts for additional models)
Amryl's Banner, pridce decrease (-15 pts)
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