10mm WE

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10mm WE

Postby RubyTuesday » 10 Apr 2016, 17:33

Howdy, as my 28mm collection has increased and I've become a bit better at sculpting I've changed tack to 10mm. Easier to keep saving space plus there's rules out there that I'd favour over AoS (war master, mayhem, hott). I've ordered some cobblestone stuff to pick up at salute this year and started sculpting some nurgle warriors from scratch. Any thoughts on 10mm?
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Re: 10mm WE

Postby Galadrin » 01 Jun 2016, 12:59

Eureka has an excellent but very small range. Some of the Wood Elf Warriors sculpts could make decent Wardancers or Archers, while Forest Hags and Trolls would make good Dryads and Treemen, respectively. They even have Warhawk Riders and an Orion model (complete with hounds!).

The cheapest way to get Archers and Glade Guard spearmen would be to get the old Battle of Five Armies sprues. You can also try Pendraken (although the sculpting quality isn't ideal) or, my preference, Magister Militum.
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