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Postby LadyLoec » 12 Mar 2016, 22:35

Thought I'd just share a nice revelation from today.

Our gaming table has been buried under a pile of laundry and junk since Age of Sigmar. Hubby and I were just so disillusioned since AoS's release that our passion for our hobby got buried under something between disappointment and resentment. A decade or more of collecting, painting and gaming shut in a disused room.

In the spirit of 'Spring Cleaning' (ugh), I blitzed the gaming room and unearthed the table. An impromptu "shall we have a game at the weekend?" followed, so today we had our first 8th ed battle since AoS on release day. And the stupidly obvious thing we realised is: It's still fun. Of course it is, the rulebooks didn't vaporise when AoS came out. We're having a rematch tomorrow.

So the enthusiasm for the hobby is back. I'm guessing a good lot of the users that have vacated the forum and stopped playing have done so for similar reasons we did. I'm hoping my post may inspire a few others to do the same.
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Re: Reinvigorated

Postby Mollesvinet » 12 Mar 2016, 23:31

Lady Loec, fair and trickery!

Glad that you have resumed gaming. I never tried a game of AoS, but I glanced at some and neither the rules or the game itself has any interest to me.

However, I as well kept playing 8th edition which of course still works as it used to. If you are looking for new books that stay in the same mind of the game, then 9th is the way to go in my humble opinion.

You can always stick to the original lore and just take the new rules.

Best wishes!
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Re: Reinvigorated

Postby Phil Rossiter » 13 Mar 2016, 00:15

Just got back from an 8th edition tournament, another one in the near future.

As Thomas says, 9th Age is going great guns too and keeps the Warhammer feel pretty well.
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