AoS: Banishment mechanic?

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AoS: Banishment mechanic?

Postby Nicholas Nitro » 26 Jul 2015, 02:14

We already know that a caster can attempt to unbind an opponent's spell during that opposing player's hero phase, so long as two opposing casters are within 18" of each other. So you can attempt to prevent a caster from summoning, but what about banishing summoned units after the fact? I'm guessing this will be a mechanic introduced in a later campaign book.

For the purposes of house rules (until something official comes out) should a 'banishment' mechanic be a spell option for wizards?
If so, should it be the same numbers as the casting requirements, or more like 'unbinding' where the banishing wizard must match or beat the summoning roll?
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Re: AoS: Banishment mechanic?

Postby Hyarion » 26 Jul 2015, 02:47

Beat the summoning roll. Or perhaps, base cost +1/model remaining in the unit (+1 for a spell that summons 5 models, +1 per 2 models remaining for a spell that summons 10, etc)
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