Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post ideas and develop rules or stats for whatever you want in here. Asrai units as well as other races

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Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by frogboy »

Welcome to the next instalment of the Artisan's Contest! For those of you unfamiliar with what this is, where have you been! ;) So basically what happens is that we all try to think of new rules or fluff or whatever and write about it here, its a compitition :D :thumbsup:
have a look at our previous winners to get a better idea

Discussion Thread for all explanations or coments about entry's ... 63#p352063

What to enter? (imagine you are writing an entry in an Army book)

Mighty Champions from all over the Old World often ride huge destructive beasts, trusty steeds or even warped constructs of war into battle, this is sometimes to increase their presence on the field or sometimes it could be a means of a quick escape incase everything dosn't go quite to plan.

Character Mount

To be more specific, this should be designed with the current Warhammer Fantasy Rule books in mind, so any current special rules from any current Army books or special campaign books or End Times etc. may be used. Or you can invent your own rules too.
You can create your own mount for any Army within the Warhammer World, it can be anything which you could give a Character as an option so Chariot, Warbeast, Alter, Monster, Planquine etc etc etc

The deadline for submission of entries is 5th June 2015 11:59pm GMT

Rules of the competition

Each member may only enter once, and with one Character Mount per entry.

You MUST have the following per entry:

1. Basic Points Cost
2. Fluff
4. Full details of any additional effects or Special Rules that the Mount bestows.
(It's fine to use for example, monstrous beast and not have to list or write how and what that rule dose as we should all know this already and also it's against forum rules)

This shouldn't be too difficult, but if your entry does not include all the above by the closing deadline it will not be included.


This thread is only for entries - any other posts will be deleted.

Any questions should be addressed in a PM to me, or posted in the Rules and Guidelines thread

A reminder of the judging criteria for consideration:
  • Use of Language (is it professionally written?): /10
  • Playability (are the rules streamlined?): /10
  • Balance (are the rules and points fair and do they adhere to typical GW design?): /10
  • Fun (do the rules make for a fun experience?): /10
  • Lore (are the rules fluffy and do they fit the character of the theme?): /10
Bear these in mind when submitting your entry. You will not be allowed to edit your entry once it is posted so make sure it is the way you want it when you post it, including formatting.

I stole this from Beithir Seun :D :thumbsup:
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by Aezeal »

Essence of the Hunt - The White Hart

Every year when Orion awakes the Wild Hunt rides. The Wild Riders charge after their King, the Avatar of their God and hunt every thing that crosses their path. The other elves in Athel Loren will stay away from the path of the hunt knowing the Hunters will kill indiscriminately. All elves stay away... all except those who cannot help themselves. Maybe once every decade there will be an elf who feels an itch deep inside, a pull, increasing as the hunt nears. The elf will usually be a great lord or hero of Athel Loren who has pleased Kurnous and who has been deemed worthy of... a gift. The pull they feel is irresistable and they will end up riding or running. They will ride to the hunt and they will join it. The honored elf will recieve a honored position in the Hunt. The White Hart of Athel Loren will be their mount and they will ride the fey beast, surrounded by ghostly wild riders, maybe spirits of ancient riders still bound to the hunt, maybe forest spirits joining the hunt in this form. They will ride the White Hart. They will hunt. They will savour the kill.
Days later, when the madness of the hunt has passed it's height, the elf may suddenly find him or herself in strange lands, dazed and not quite remembering what has happened... but never forgetting it either.

The model:
Think of the mortis engine bottom part: ... tis-Engine. A ghostly Great Stag, a bit bigger than normal it's feet trailing away in a ghostly nebula, surrounded by ghostly riders like on the mortis engine.. but then recognizable as wild riders. On the Stag an elf lord with a great antlered helmet. The whole model on a treeman size base.

M10 WS6 BS0 S5 T5 W6 I5 A5 Ld8
Troop Type: Monstrous Beast. Can be ridden by Glade Lords.
175 points

Special Rules:
Impact hits (D3), Forest Spirit, Terror, Strider.

Essence of the Hunt:
Character and mount have Frenzy, Immune to Psychology.
If the character has the highest leadership in the army he does NOT become army general but (one of) the model(s) with the next highest leadership. Rider cannot use The Arrow of Kurnous special rule or regular shooting attacks.
Can only join a unit of wild riders (or remain solo).

Kurnous Tattoo's:
The model gets a 5+ ward save. Rider cannot use magic armour or talismans.

Furious Charge (White Hart and rider):
Models with this special rule have +D3 + 1 attacks during a turn in which they charge into combat.
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by frogboy »

Orc Forged Snotling Pump Warkart 100 Points

Crafted in the blazing furnaces of insane Orc Smiffs from scavenged battle loot the Warkart may be seen piloted into battle by mighty Bosses and Shamans alike. No Warkart is the same, adorned with assorted trophy's and painted in bright colours and often dung the Karts are pushed furiously forward by evil little snotlings with no care for their own safety. Usually a giant ram or spike sits bolted firmly to the front ready to impale and crush anything that stands in its path and massive iron bulwarks surround and protect the passenger.

Warkart M2D6+2 WS- BS- S5 T7 W5 I- A5- Ld-
Snotling Crew M- WS2 BS0 S2 T- W- I3 A5 Ld4

TROOP TYPE: Chariot (3+ Armour Save)

SPECIAL RULES: Impact Hits (2D6), Armour Percing (Warkart Only), Random Movement (2D6+2), Unbreakable.

Free to Move: WarKarts can act independently without a character to command them. Although the upgrades War Icon and Waaagh Icon only work whilst the corresponding character rides within the Warkart. If a character decides to leave the Warkart then use the rules from the Main Rule Book for Charcters joining and leaving units. In addition any other Character in the same Army may mount the Warkart in the same way but only if the original owner/Character is no longer on the battle field. WarKarts can continue even if their Character is slain or removed from play.

Heavy and Cumbersome: WarKarts are very heavy and cumbersome making it hard to turn and move, WarKarts may never Pump Harder but still suffer from the Too Pumped Up rule found on Page 59 in the Orc & Goblin Army Book. In addition WarKarts may only make one turn per movement phase.


War Icon: General only, +1 Ld, 30 Points

Waaagh Icon: Shaman only, +1 Channel Dice per Magic Phase, 30 Points

Spiked Roller: 15 Points (found on Page 59 in the Orc & Goblin Army Book.)

Giant Exploding Spores: 15 Points (found on Page 59 in the Orc & Goblin Army Book.)
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by Hyarion »

Fluff wrote: Not all white lions are killed out of hand. The High Elves take no joy in needless slaughter, and often stay their blades should cubs be discovered. These infants would doubtless become savage and deadly beasts if they were left in the wild, but with expert care, the young white lions are raised to become as loyal as Griffons. These 'tame' white lions swiftly form a bond with the Chracian hunters that foster them and later serve the armies of Ulthuan as War Lions.

So do many of the Phoenix King's bodyguard ride to battle on War Lions. Each of these snarling War Lions who savage power is belied by their feline grace and elegantly plaited manes. While some commanders on steeds might sweep across the battlefield with an Ellyrian Reaver escort carefully dissecting the foe, a Commander on a War Lion charges headlong into the battle sure of victory. As the War Lions tear into the foe with fang and claw, the captain fights on cleaving heads from shoulders with every axe-blow. Such daring charges have become the hallmark of War Lions earning them a well-deserved reputation as the bane of even the most determined shieldwall.
May be ridden by a Noble or a Prince but not a BSB.
Cost: 50pts.

War Lion
M: 8
WS: 5
BS: -
S: 5
T: 4
W: 1
I: 4
A: 2
Ld: 7

Special Rules: Armor Piercing, Fear, Blood Rage, Dreadful Howl.
May be upgraded with Ithilmar Barding: +15pts

Blood Rage: After an attack by the War Lion which causes an unsaved wound which removes a model as a casualty, it gains +1A. The War Lion must take and pass a leadership test on it's own unmodified leadership to remember its training at the beginning of each turn before charges are declared. If the test is passed, it may move and act normally. If the test is failed, the model acts as if it had the Frenzy special rule (this does not stack with the bonus +1A). If, on a subsequent turn, all of the War Lion's attacks miss, this bonus attack is lost and the War Lion does not need to take a leadership test at the beginning of it's turn. The bonus attack does not stack, ever. If, after the War Lion has lost its Blood Rage, it causes an unsaved wound which removes a model as a casualty, it re-gains Blood Rage.

Dreadful Howl: When an enemy unit declares a Stand-And-Shoot charge reaction when it is being charged by a War Lion (even if the Stand-And-Shoot is directed at a different unit which is also charging the enemy unit), it must pass a leadership test or it must choose a different charge reaction (Flee or Hold).
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by Blackcat »

"Monstrous Armoured Mole"

The mountainous regions are populated with an abundance of life. One such animal is the monstrous mole. They feed on the giant insects and other creatures that dwell in the earth. Many a dwarf explorer has ventured to a new mountain to find it already criss crossed with tunnels large enough for a dwarf. These tunnels were of course created by the monstrous moles. They are of limited intelligence but know enough to realise that dwarves share common enemies with them. These moles are useful when mining however some particularly adventurous dwarves have been known to ride monstrous moles to battle. Covered in segmented plates of armour these moles can surprise enemies and ruin battle plans as they appear from the earth below.

Monstrous Cavalry for Dwarf characters: 75 pts

M5, WS3, BS0, S5, T4, W3, I2, A2, LD6

Special rules: Ambush, Ground Dweller, Bug hunter

Ground Dweller: Models with this rule fear birds of prey, any flyer attacking a model with ground dweller rule cause fear.
Bug hunter: Models with this rule gain +1 to hit and +1 attack against any insects, ie goblin spider riders. However they may not over run against insects as they are too busy feeding.

Monstrous moles that are ridden into battle are cover in segmented plates of armour specially designed not to restrict their movement below ground or above. These plates give the mole a 3+ armour save.
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by NonnoSte »

Mountain Goat

Grown up in the hardest of the climates, Mountain Goats are exceptional climbers and tireless mounts.
Dwarven mountain communities, despite their lack of love for the ride, has learnt to get acquainted with them as means for fast trips through narrow paths and now they regularly use their strength and agility to carry supplies and ammuniton to higher outposts.
Some of the bravest dwarven commanders even dare to mount them in battle or to bring orders between the peaks of the Mourn Mountains.
For these animals there’s no terrain hard enough to hinder or slow their run. On the contrary, they struggle to run for long distances when left in the open fields.
Their horns are also stronger than steel and when they leap from rock to rock in the mountain paths they gain such a momentum that no enemy can escape their deadly charge.

......................M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Mountain Goat
.... 5 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 5

Special Rules: Strider, Leaping Run, Ram’s Horn Charge.

Leaping Run: When Mountain Goats cross or move through natural terrain (such as hills, forest, rivers) thei gain +2 to their Movement. This bonus also applies if the Goats march, charge, flee, pursuit or overrun from or into such terrains.

Ram’s Horn Charge: When a Mountain Goat charges, if it rolls 10+ for the charge distance, it gains a bonus of +2S to all its attacks.

Point Cost: 30 pts for Dwarf Lords, 20 pts for Thanes.

I know it’s kind of a joke to give Dwarves a cavalry model which moves as fast as other regular infantries, but what else could you expect for them?
I’m not sure I have balanced the point cost, but to me it looks as effective as a Cold One, being generally worse and somewhat better in particular conditions.
It remains the issue of a unit where to run a character on mount in the Dwarves book. Of course I planned a whole unit of Goat Riders.

Goat Riders – 29 points/model

.....................M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Goat Rider
........3 5 3 4 4 1 2 1 9
Mountain Goat... 5 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 5

Unit size: 5+
Equipment: Heavy armour, great weapon.

Shields...................2 pts/model
Goat Herder............10 pts
Musician................10 pts
Standard................10 pts
Standard bearers can carry a magic standard up to 25 pts.
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Re: Artisan's Contest May 2015

Post by frogboy »

So I've locked the thread as the Contest is over, look out for the voting thread but in the mean time check out our discussion thread in the link below and leave a comment, thanks...
Its been too long since we burned a heretic, witch hunt anyone !??
sentinalofthewoods wrote:yes, unicorn riders that shoot rainbows..hell yeah