Hall of Fame - Painting & Modelling

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Hall of Fame - Painting & Modelling

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    Hall of Fame - Painting & Modelling

This thread is here to honour and bring inspiration to all of our painters and modellers in their quest for their best army ever. Through this thread, you can easilly browse some of the best work seen on the forums, chosen by the Moderators. If you have found something you think belongs here, send them a PM!

Asrai.org Miniature Exchange 2011

2011/2012 winter challenge winner

Entire Armies
King Leonidas' - Hoplite Army
Asterion - Narnian Army
Emrys - Very Nicely painted Asrai army
Corai - Forest Spirits army
Anardakil - Autumn Wood Elves
Arimata - Guerilla Wood Elves
Eol the Dark - The Sewer Elves
Unicorn - Unicorn's Conversions
Gwinn - Autumn Elves

Celdoric - Converted from Eagle Rider

Stag Riders
CMON - Something (Voted best ever)

Galengalad - Confrontation Dryads
Galengalad- Daemonette Dryads 1 | Daemonette Dryads 2 | Daemonette Dryads 3

Tree Kin
Foxtale - Stone Kin How-to

Eternal Guard
Foxtale - Using High Elf Bits 1 | Using High Elf Bits 2

Wild Riders
Joe Sturge - Wild Riders
Confessor Atol - Another Dryad Centaur
DL]Shadowwolf - Normal Centaur
Galengalad- Converted from Glade Riders

Confessor Atol - Scratch-built

Zardan - How to make Flower Bases tutorial

~ Nag