Unicorn spellweavers:)

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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby Deadclown » 06 Jun 2014, 11:01

Beithir Seun wrote:
SquidBoy wrote:on that remark I'm still questionable about the new treeman standard... If you can choose the shortside as the front or not.

GW have used the base both ways on their "official" models, so I don't think there should be an issue...

I don't have a issue with it however some of my openants can be picky like that QQ
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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby Syphilis » 18 Jan 2015, 12:53

Oh wow where did you get that freaky looking unicorn? The one with the Dryad like spellweaver?
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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby FriedTaterExplosion » 19 Jan 2015, 16:23

Syphilis wrote:Oh wow where did you get that freaky looking unicorn? The one with the Dryad like spellweaver?

It's a conversion from Archaon's steed.
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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby Cosmos » 19 Jan 2015, 22:47

Hey guys im starting to build a unicorn. Check out my plog *Legion of the Stars* and join in on suggestions and idea making
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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby Sylvos » 20 Jan 2015, 01:18

http://www.companyofthedamned.blogspot. ... er-on.html

Link to my Spellweaver on a unicorn.
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Re: Unicorn spellweavers:)

Postby Kakapo42 » 20 Jan 2015, 04:59

I can't believe I haven't posted a comment to this thread. I have a Spellsinger on a Unicorn rather than a Spellweaver, but from a modelling perspective it's more or less the same, so here is mine.

Image Image Image

For parts I used the Bretonnian Fey Enchantress, with all the Fleur-de-lises filed off, the top of her tiara/crown removed and replaced with greenstuffed-in hair, the staff arm from a spellweaver and greenstuff vines and leaves across her dress, mounted on the old Storm of Magic unicorn (slightly modified) with a spare bow and quiver from the Glade Guard kit (and a loop of leather made from greenstuff). The large flowers and bee were also made with greenstuff.

You can find more detailed notes, as well as background on the character herself, on my army project thread here.
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