Storm of Magic, incoming

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Re: Storm of Magic, incoming

Postby aPickledGinger » 29 Jun 2011, 21:10

The sooner they come out with this book, the sooner they can focus on our new book.
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Re: Storm of Magic, incoming

Postby Siegfried » 29 Jun 2011, 21:55

Ronean wrote:The sooner they come out with this book, the sooner they can focus on our new book.

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Re: Storm of Magic, incoming

Postby Strongbow » 29 Jun 2011, 22:14

Siegfried wrote:
Ronean wrote:The sooner they come out with this book, the sooner they can focus on our new book.


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Re: Storm of Magic, incoming

Postby unicorn » 30 Jun 2011, 20:22

Few new info:
Arcane Fulcrums
Storm of Magic is centred around Arcane Fulcrums, of which 4 different types will be available from Games Workshop on release, you and myself might refer to them as "Terrain Pieces". The key element here is, when a wizard is on one of these, he gets a 3+ Ward Save, Immune to Pyschology, Counts and Defending a building and he cannot be Stomped or Thunderstomped.

He can only be attacked by a single model, which I guess is where the monsters come in, and There is a 2nd Miscast Table he must roll on if he's on one, on top of the first miscast table!

The article hints you need Wizards to capture these, so I guess they form both objective and a means to cast the new BIG spells. There aren't many clues here about distructive they're going to be, but FIREBALL BARRAGE is one of them, its referenced as a 48" Magic Missile that does 6D6 S4 hits, so I imagine that could be one of the more subtle ones.

Winds of Magic are 4D6 with maximum of 24 Power / Dispel dice. There is also a spinner as part of the back of the book (yeah, really) that gives you an additional bonus on a particular lore.

The battle report shows that these Fulcrums can move across the table, either with or without wizards on them.

Army Selection
A Storm of Magic army list is constructed by taking your normal 2000/3000 point army and adding 25% of "Monsters and Magic", from the looks of things, these include monsters (obviously) as well as additional magic items for Wizards and even some Wizards themselves, it seems that the Truthsayer and Dark Emissary models from that campaign book a few years ago are coming back. Also, there appears to be no restrictions on armies, the White Dwarf lists a sample Dwarf army with a Truthsayer, 2 Eagles and a Chimera as part of its force.

Dwarfs also have access to "Ancestor Runes" that can be apparently used in the same way as the big spells, the Runesmith needs to get to the Arcane Fulcrum, Ogres as well have access to big spells in the form of the "Lore of the Great Maw", they only have 2 spells though.

The Book
The book is shown as a Hardback book with a hardback overlap section and the main book inside, the back cover lies flat on the table and holds the SPINNY THING.

The Truthsayer, Dark Emissary and Fenbeast models are returning, but what is the weirdest thing of all is that the FIMIR and ZOATS are making a return. I assume at this point that GW have written out the fluff about the fimir re-producing by rape. The older Taurus and Lammasu models are making a return (sans-riders). There is also a reference that you can make sorcerous pacts and ally your army with a small force of VC, Tomb Kings or Daemons. Whether this counts for all armies or only the evil armies, it doesn't say.
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