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Lord Kor-Taq

Postby Lord Kor-Taq » 03 May 2010, 19:24

hi, and yes, im saurus
Lord Kor-Taq
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Re: Lord Kor-Taq

Postby Beithir Seun » 03 May 2010, 20:25

Welcome to the site Lord Koq-Tar! There's an Interrogation Form stickied in this forum - why don't you fill it in and tell us a bit more about yourself? :)
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Re: Lord Kor-Taq

Postby ArchMagosAlchemys » 05 May 2010, 00:50

Welcome to the Forest Lord Kor-Taq.

What colour saurus, which spawning? And we really like photos of Lizardman armies if you happen to have one.
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