A Fun List?

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A Fun List?

Postby Talonz » 04 May 2010, 19:43

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Warhammer and have decided that wood elves are the army for me :D

I need some help/advice on an army list...

My friend and I have decided to start playing without using magic, to try to learn the rules better so the list doesn't need to include any magic off/def. We both agreed that we don't want to go for the cheese lists. That being said, I don't want to get lose every time.

My favourite part of the wood elves army book (and the part that attracted me to them) was the Eagle riders :cool:

Has anyone tried an eagle spam army list?? So in a 1999 pt battle 3 nobles on eagle and 1 great eagle. Would this be effective at all? I know this is about 600~650pts already but I think that it could be fun and look really good on the table.

Can great eagles break ranks?

I'm a little stuck on what to include with them though....would 3 blocks of treekin (as anvils..to set up the flank charges) and the rest as dryads and glade guard be effective?

Anyways any help would be appreciated....Let me know if its a dumb idea to build a list around eagles...
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Re: A Fun List?

Postby andpin » 04 May 2010, 22:10

Well, it's not the dumbest idea I've heard xD.
A noble on eagle is pretty good. Equip him with the Hail of Doom Arrow, the Helm of the Hunting, a spear+armor+shield. and you have a pretty solid character.
A great eagle is always important, as you can use them for redirections and marchblocking, hunting down warmachines, magicians (if you start using them)..

I don't know about the other two heroes on eagle. Problem with WE is that you don't always have enough magic items to equip them properly, the "good" ones are quite few.
You could use another noble on eagle with the Loren bow and the Arcane Bodkins, although this combination works better if he's an alter kindred and highborn (thus getting 5 arrows each turn without armour save.
I would be clueless to what to equip on a third noble on eagle. I would use a noble with battle standard with the annoying netlings, or a wardancer hero.

The core of your army should be Glade Guards and dryads. 2 units of each is a good numer. Glade guards 10 each, and dryads, 8.

The rest is up to you. I wouldn't use the treekin, as they seem to attract the opponent due to their lack of mobility.
I prefer one or two units of wardancers (6-7 each) and one or two Wild rider units (at least one with standard+warstandard)

For the other rare unit I would recommend the Treeman, he's almost always a good choice and a perfect companion to all styles of WE strategies.
Waywatchers are two expensive for what they do, in my opinion. Although I know people who like them, it all depends on what you like most.
In your first games specially, choose first what you like most in the army book, and then look at the stats.
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Re: A Fun List?

Postby ArchMagosAlchemys » 04 May 2010, 23:55

Welcome to the Forest, Talonz. Go over to the Glade of Gathering and introduce yourself properly.

Thee Nobles on Great Eagles is a configuration that I suspect very few have tried. You ask about two concepts, FUN and EFFECTIVE.

Great Eagles are US3 and even with a rider, cannot break ranks.

My favorite 1000 point army is:

Noble on Great Eale, light armour, shield, spear, Helm of the Hunt and Hail of Doom Arrow
2 x 10 Glade Guard
2 x 5 Glade Riders, musician
2 x 3 Warhawk Riders
1 Great Eagle.

This sort of army, based around a significant number of flyers is called Sethayla-style, after the Sethayla kindred mentioned on page 28 of the Army Book. This style of army is very mobile and takes a while to learn to use. I find this style to be a great deal of fun and a challenge to use, although opponents often consider it very cheesy because they have no answer to it and it has proven surprisingly effective, even in tournament play.

At 1999, I would not want to spend more than 25 to 30% of points on characters, and I think that one of your chracters should be a scroll caddy mage, at least. Taking my list and adding another flying Noble, and mage on foot, another unit of GG and GR and a unit of Wild Riders might work well at 1999 points.
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