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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
More will be added as they appear. This is a rather fresh list with the things I've come up with on the top of my head.

1. Technical Isues

  • 1.1. The site says I'm a spammer and that my IP has been blocked. What do I do?
Answer: The site uses an automatic script to check several things about your user identity before you can post. This is because we've had immense troubles with spam bots thrashing up all of our forums in the past. Whenever you try to post a new thread, reply to an existing thread or send a private message, several things are checked. Your IP address is one of those, and it is the most common to give you trouble. If your IP is the same as many known spam bots use, you will see the message and will be blocked from posting.

To get away from the block, you can try a different network. I.e. if you're in school/at your job and see the message; try again when you're at home. If you're using your phone/tablet/pad and see the message, you're most likely using the open and free networks, which are also the favourite networks to be used by the spammers. Try a different network (home WiFi or similar). If these steps do not work, try to wait a while. For some unknown reason, some people seem to get around the block by waiting a day or two. This could be due to them using dynamic IP on their routers/gateways, but I cannot confirm it as I'm not the one sitting at their desk.

  • 1.2. How do I link to a specific post within a thread?
Answer: When you're looking at the post in question, at the very top there's a line that says who made the post. Right next to it is a little icon of a document. If you click that little icon, you will reload the page with a new web address in the style of where p=<number> means the post ID, and the #p<number> is a so called web anchor, meaning the browser will focus on that specific post after it has loaded the page.
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2. Site Content

  • 2.1. Where is the best place to post X?
Answer: Try reading the text just below the forum name on the Index page. If you have something you still can't place, feel free to send the Council of Elders a private message. On your right side while composing a private message you can simply click the Council of Elders group and then hit 'Add' to make sure it goes to all of us.

  • 2.2. Where is the search field?
Answer: It can be a bit tricky to find, but the new and improved search field can be found on our Portal page. On the right side of your screen, a bit down there should be a box looking like the image below. Use it. Also note that this search box lets you search on many different things as well as sites. You can search for words within a post, you can search for a specific author/member on, and you can also use this search field to search on search engines like Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo and some others. You can also type in in your browser's address field to reach a search page.
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3. Contacting Officials

  • 3.1. How do I contact the administrators?
Answer: There are two administrators on this community; Beithir Seun and Naggie. You can either send them private messages, or reach them by mail beithir[at] and naggie[at] respectively. If you're feeling lazy, you can always send a mail to admin[at] which will reach them both.

  • 3.2. How do i contact the Council of Elders?
Answer: Apart from the two administrators, we currently have two global moderators in the Council of Elders group; frogboy, Ramesesis, Hyarion, Billthrsurly and godswearhats. If you send a mail to council[at] it will reach the entire Council of Elders, including the administrators.

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